5 UI design trends for app development in 2020

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5 UI design trends for app development in 2020

5 UI design trends for app development in 2020.

If there’s one thing that keep designers on their feet is the dynamic nature of design. Trends come and go in a blink of the eye. Before you know it, your work can be outdated. Especially with the app industry seeing updated faster than most other Industries, UI designers need to be aware of new and changing trends. Here are 5 UI design trends for app development in 2020.

Illustration over photographs

The evolution of digital illustrations have been pretty impressive over the past few years. They are now widely being used in web and app design as they better at grabbing attention, especialy with their vibrant colors and adding detail and personality. Animated Illustrations with motion are getting increasingly popular right now. This also increase user engagement with the app.\"\"

3D Design

There is literally nobody who does not like 3D graphics. It never fails to amuse audience, almost always making then inquisitive to learn more about what they see. Another technique which maybe to be hard to integrate but always producing great results, 3D graphics have been quite popular in website design and now in App development as well. This has been majorly helpful in giving customers are true feel of what products look like beyond a screen.



This is something you might have not heard of. In this kind of design, called skeumorphic design ( neumorphism= new + skeumorphism), certain elements are created in a realistic style to emulate real life objects. Platforms like Dribble and Flutter which are popular for putting out the best UI/UX desgins has seen this style making a comeback but with a higher level of realism. Neumorphism is highly detailed and Precise which make the final output even more interesting to use.


Asymmetrical Layout

Design alltogether is seeing a huge change in general from its traditional Roots. Asymmetry is all the hype. At least you would have noticed this with instagram influencer, how prefer Aysmmetrical layouts for their photographs. This trend is catching on to UI for Websites as well, offering a unconventional look. You know, like \’New School\’ !


Story Telling

Story telling has been a new way designers arevtrying to integrate emotion into design. You may have noticed Websites or apps starting out with a story of their company, product or service. Though story telling is more of a copywriting process, its all about sending a message visually in a creative way. This helps building a positive image for a brand through tapping into the emotions of a customer. This also makes the brand more memorable.



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