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5 Ways to Build a Mobile Application

The 5 Ways to Build a Mobile Application

Today, you have a lot of options to get an app created. Few methods are mentioned below. If you don\’t want to go through the trouble of creating it on your own, we will build your mobile application for you at boostmysites.

Let\’s dive into the different methods-

Low-Level Coding

The difficulty level is very high as you need to be a specialized skillful developer. There are pros and cons to this way of building an app. The number one reason for the downside for the majority of the people is that they have to know coding to build an app but the upside is that the flexibility is maximum as you can implement anything into the app you are building. This method is expensive but enables you to get the most out of the app you are building. Augmented Reality based apps use this low level coding approach to build apps.

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid app development is associated with the web technology called Javascript. This enables the creator to build once and launch it in multiple platforms like Android and iOS. Examples of hybrid app development tools include Titanium from Appcelerator, Cordova on PhoneGap, Ionic, and React Native. The problem with this approach is that there will be a drop in performance. Everyone is leaning more towards hybrid apps now, the main reason for doing so is the business side of app development. You can save a lot of time and money.

Rapid Application Development (RAD)

RAD tools like OutSystems, Kinvey, and Kony allows you to make a mobile application using an intuitive interface. The advantage of such an approach is that you don\’t have to be technical at all.

You’ll have to know what you’re doing from a technical perspective but you won’t have to learn how to code everything from scratch to build on these platforms because there is a lot of pre-built functionality. Now, this is the disadvantage as you will be limited to the functionality because you will have access only to those provided by the platforms.

There are some drawbacks to rapid app development as well. Aside from the need to be somewhat technical in order to do anything significant, you’re also limited by the platform you’re using. You can only use whatever that platform has to offer in terms of functionality. RAD is a good solution for internal uses in cases when you’re not worried too much about UI, performance, and things of that nature.

Cookie Cutter Applications

A cookie cutter app is really just one set of functionality that you’re turning on and off to make the app your own. They have high intuitive user interface. You can turn settings on and off in the app to configure the app on your own. The difficulty level is pretty low here. Unfortunately, the flexibility is pretty low too. You might be familiar with some of these tools that are on the market today. A couple of popular ones include BiznessApps and GoodBarber.

Why should one use such an approach? If you are looking to get into the market quickly and keep your budget really low, this is a good solution. You can do everything by yourself as well.

However, the downside of using this app development method is when it comes to functionality of the app. You have to rely on the platform which you wouldn\’t want to do.


If you don\’t want to go through the trouble of learning how to code or analyse which approach to use to make your app. Sit back and relax! Boostmysites got you! We will build the best app for your business according to your needs with the right approach.

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