Android v/s iOS: Which platform to build your app for first?

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Android v/s iOS: Which platform to build your app for first?

Android v/s iOS: which platform to build your app for first?

If you are building an app you need to decide and plan various things. This article focuses on Android v/s iOS and which platform to build your app for first.

You may say that you want to launch on both the platforms, you can but it will of more risky as well as expensive. It’s advisable to launch on any one of the platforms.

If you are a developer you need to consider many things before launching your app on any of the platforms. The factors which you need to consider are:

  1. Timeline
  2. Audience
  3. Desired features
  4. Revenue goal
  5. The Budget required to maintain your app Building an app based on your audience:

It is one of the major factors which you need to consider before launching your app. If your audience is based on Europe, America and your app is an ecommerce then Apple will be best one for you.

If your audience is based on Asia, Africa, and Latin America then you should you that the global market of these continents is predominantly dominant by Android then you should go with Android for your app launch.

If your audience is young then you must know a major part of young population uses IOS Platform for themselves. Then you should go with IOS App.

According to your budget:

The main important thing which decides path of your app and you ahead is money. Developing an app for IOS Platform is easy and less expensive as compared to Android platform.

The reason for this cost effectiveness in IOS is that it uses swift its own language for programming but in Android language like Java, C++, C, Python are used which usually requires more memory and more coding has to done.

One more reason why it is less expensive is that Android is an open source platform due to which it requires more device components, technical components, software fragmentation.

But IOS is a closed platform due to which you develop an app to few standardized systems. It requires less time, effort, coding, device internal components, software fragmentation and many more.

Maintaining of your App:

Recently a study revealed that 50% of the Android users were using older operating system but whereas IOS users tend to upgrade their operating system regularly.

So you need to maintain your app more for users who are using older operating systems in Android. You need to spend more time maintaining bugs and all other various issues if your app is based for Android version.

One more thing to take care of in advance is if you want to monetize your app then you need to know that Android users are less tend to make app purchases and take any subscription by paying certain amount. But whereas in IOS its users are tend to make more purchases as compared to Android users.

Hope you found the above article helpful with all the necessary information you needed.

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