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App Marketing strategies for User Acquisition

App Marketing strategies for User Acquisition

Marketing an app is a daunting process. Over 68% of mobile app development companies have a full documented app marketing strategy. With the right promotional strategy you can make your app an success, also be able to get it to the top of the app store or play store charts. In this article we will shed some light on some of the app marketing strategies for user acquisition.

Landing page for app

The website is mostly the first impression of your business for many users. A good landing page should look uncluttered, a strong headline, clearly states how the app functions and obvious strategic call to action. Landing page is one of the most powerful tools that acts as a starting point for a user\’s journey.Â

Reviews and ratings

Studies show that over 50% of the people read reviews and look at the ratings before they download the app. Encourage current users to review your app by making it easier to review by adding some functionality. Responding and acting to reviews can immensely help in improving in your app. Take negative criticism to your advantage.

App store and Playstore optimisation

Just like how a website is optimised for search engine results, your app should also be optimised for the store it\’s being released on. The higher you rank, the more exposure you will get. Main factors are title, keywords, no. of downloads etc. We shall discuss how to ASO (App store optimisation) in a different blog.

Capture attention with a video

Video is the best type of content to bring in a lot of traffic. A good video strategy would be to have the content short, precise and to make sense even when muted. Video could be anything from app tutorials to contents that would help people recognise your app or brand well. Make sure to include a call to action.

App store ads

Ads always boost your presence. Running an ad on the app store increases your visibility. Paid app store ads put your app right where a huge audience of potential users are present.

Social Media presence

If you want to be seen, you have to be on social media. The audience present is too much. If you already have a huge social media presence, you can leverage it to your advantage to get your following to download the app. Engaging with users is a must when using social media campaigns to boost your apps presence. Use the different platforms to show the functionality of the app and gain users\’ attention right to downloading the app.

Giveaways, free trials

Give them a taste of your app for free if you have any paid services. Give them an experience that they can\’t refuse to delete your app and make them keep using it. This enables users to create more engagement with your app. This is what youtube premium, spotify does.

Influencer marketing

You can always use the assistance of an influencer to promote your app. For this, find the right influencer with a high following in the niche and strike out a deal to get them to advertise your app through their social media. You can also create an affiliate program by providing commissions.

Blog regularly

Prove your expertise and improve search ranking by writing blogs. This will drive traffic to the landing page. According to studies it is said that by posting blogs regularly 126% more leads were acquired. Build an interest in your audience by teaching them about your development. Research about the words to target.Â


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