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Application Development Life Cycle

Application Development Life Cycle

There are two kinds of people: One, who want an app for their business and then the other type of people is who like to create an app for themselves. So, no matter which category you come under this article will look into what the complete application development life cycle. Or, we can even say how does an app come to life from scratch.

So, there are basically 6 Steps involved in bringing an application to its full potential.

The first Step is the Research and Discovery Phase.
In this phase basically the research is done on what the idea is, what kind of audience you are going to target, what type of app you are thinking for your brand. This step is kind of on a subtle level for a person who is going to get an application for himself, as in he is a developer and then he is going to make an app.
The Second Step is to get a Design.
Now you might already have an image of how you want your app to look like, it might have been inspired by some of your competitor or some really stunning design you might have seen on the internet. There are various ways to make the design ready, either digitally or physically. For making the designs digitally there are many applications which you can use like photoshop, illustrator etc. And if you want to make physically then just take a paper and pencil and start drawing.
The third step is Development.
Once the design is ready, the need for development comes. Now if you are experienced in developing apps with any programming language then it is well and good. But if you find the development part out of your reach, then leave it to the freelancers out there. In fact, Boostmysites can do this for you. There is a frontend development and a back-end development.
In frontend development, it is just the user side, or in different words it is the face of the app. The task of a frontend developer is to make a flawless and user-friendly experience.
In back-end developer, comes the hard-functional part, which will ensure that the working of the whole system functions without any bugs. Back-end usually refers to the server side of the application.
The fourth step is Quality Assurance
There are some agencies that might even skip this step or not even take this as a step. What actually happens in this step is, that the development team or the testing team use the app. And they try to find any anomalies in the app or any kind of bug. If this step is taken care of then later while maintaining the app there will be less work.
The fifth step is the Release.
Finally after the 90% work is done, the app can be released on the appropriate platforms.
The sixth and final step is Maintenance.
Once the app is live and people have started using it, there are high chances that different devices might face different kinds of problems or bugs. So this maintenance part can even take up to an year.

So, to sum up everything, an app development life cycle consists of above mentioned 6 steps. If a person can do these 6 steps with least obstacles then it is best. But if you feel this is too much then, leave everything to Boostmysites.

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