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Flutter: What is it?

Flutter : What is it?

The days have gone when Mobile application development was a really new and tough subject for most of the people. But now there are so many Mobile application development Platforms which makes it very easy for anyone with a little coding and designing skills to make apps from scratch. One of the MADP is Flutter, which has made its presence quite fast in the mobile app development world.

In this article we will see what flutter is and how much of an advantage one has by using it.

Flutter is an open-source UI cross platform software development kit that is created by Google. Android, IOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia applications can be created by this mobile application development platform, all from a single codebase.

The first version of Flutter was known as codename “Sky” and ran on the Android operating system. The unveiling was done at the 2015 Dart developer summit, with the stated intent of being able to render consistently at 120 frames per second.

Major Components of Flutter

Dart platform

Flutter apps are written in the Dart language and make use of many of the language’s more advanced features. The good thing about Dart is that the, just in time compilation is supported by dart, which allows the changes to be immediately reflected in the running app without requiring a restart or any loss of state.

Flutter Engine

Flutter’s engine is mainly written in C++. It provides low-level rendering support using Google’s Skia graphics library. Also, it can also interface with platform-specific SDKs such as those provided by Android and iOS. The Flutter Engine is a portable runtime for hosting Flutter applications. Most of the developers interact with this platform via the same Framework, which provides a modern, reactive framework, and a rich set of platform, layout and foundation widgets.

Foundation Library

The foundation library in this mobile application development platform includes basic classes and functions that are written in Dart. Those foundation libraries are used to communicate with the engine.

Design-specific widgets

There are two sets of widgets in this framework which conform to specific languages.

The main reasons why Flutter is so famous is because it is easy to learn, and is very fast as compared to different MADPs. Also it is written on top of an excellent language (Dart) and a fast and high paced rendering engine(Skia). In fact, if you want your app to be developed in Flutter, that can be achieved here at Boostmysites.com.

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