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How Apps have Changed our lives Forever

How Apps have Changed our lives Forever

If you think about, there is an App for literally anything out there. The internet has brought the world to your doorstep. I mean, an app is probably waking you up in morning. The last bite of food that you took probably has an app involved it it. There seems to be no way to escape them. through this blog let\’s see how apps have changed our lives forever.

Access to Information at a Blink of an eye

Most of us probably have that one shelf at home with a huge set of Encyclopedias collecting dust in a corner. We need to realise that was probably the only way people a generation before us could access information, which we get at a touch of a button. Phrases like \”just google it\” is a part of our daily lingo, not realising how much power we have in our hands as compared to our people who lived decades before us. Can you imagine having to find out about World War Two by running through 20-30 books to find out enough about it. Probably not. Just Google it! This ease with which we can access information is something that we take for granted these days, to a point, if its not fast enough we get frustrated.

Ease of Communication

The more more you think about this, the more you realise that almost everything that we do today maybe has an app involved it. Especially our communication. Be it messaging, calling, mailing, chatting etc happens through an app. We have progressed far, far ahead from tying messages to a passenger pigeons foot to talking to person oceans away through a device as big as your hand. There\’s no bigger panick than losing your phone and not being able to call anyone for help. That says a lot about the power of Apps.

Physical Presence is not needed

This Corona virus pandemic is the biggest proof of how apps are changing the world by the minute. For the kind of standstill we all had come to globally, its because of these apps that we able to carry on with our lives. When Productivity should have taken a really bad hit because people could not get out, apps helped people stay connected be it for business or social purposes. We learned that maybe one does not need to leave the comfort of his home to get things done.

Simplifying life

At the end of it all mobile apps were created to make man\’s life easy. And they are doing that perfectly. From sorting out your grocery list, to calling your parents miles away from you to easing your mind with a game to doing your college assignment, the mobile and its apps have only made your life better. A little more simpler, to a point where you can\’t imagine an easy life without it!

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