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How Apps have changed the way we EAT.

How Apps have changed the way we eat.

We are watching the world change drastically in front of our eyes. Mobile phones are now a necessity for any person who is part of this society and Mobile Apps are changing the way we lived our lives at a speed we’ve never seen before. The last decade is the biggest testament to this. From the advent of the Smartphone to not being able to exist normally without one, our lives have changed, from simpler times to making things simple with technology. Today we’ll see how technology has changed the most essential thing to existence, how apps have changed the way we eat.

When it comes to food, home delivery is not a new concept. Restaurants have been doing it for quite a while. You can call in to get your food delivered to your doorstep. But with the advent of food delivery apps the local restaurants have been replaced. Now look at this case scenario, when online shopping was introduced people became habitual to get things fast. So is the case with food, now every people want their food to be delivered at home, that too with full convenience.

One of the clear effects of this is that people are seeing innovations when it comes to ordering food and pay for food in restaurants. The more users are attracted to the app the better the revenue of the company will be. An done of the best ways to do this is by increasing the engagement of the users. How to do that?

The better the user interface, the better the user experience. The easier it becomes for the user to do the desired work, the more willing they become to get their work done the same way. Perhaps the best example of this is the success of Starbucks\’ app. Their app allows customers to order and pay for drinks and food in advance and then simply pick it up at their local Starbucks cafe. Over 23 million Americans are estimated to have made a purchase through this app, making it the most popular payment app in the US, ahead of both Apple Pay and Google Pay.

So, this is how the apps have changed the way we eat. But at the end the question is whether you are willing to change the way people do their simple tasks.

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