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How much does it cost for App Maintenance?

How much does it cost for app maintenance

After building a mobile app successfully, you must maintain it. App maintenance incurs extra costs. If app maintenance is not done efficiently, it can be a reason behind an app failure. In this article we will see how much does it cost for app maintenance.

Why Is App Maintenance is necessary?

Things like performance requirements, changes in design popularity, new device launches, new operating system launches are some purposes for having an app maintenance strategy before starting the development process. So, no matter how properly you developed an app, you always need to maintain it.

Factors to Consider For Calculating Mobile App Maintenance

  1. Development Team

Costs of app development are different across the world. The highest rates can be expected in Switzerland in Europe, whereas Eastern and Central Europe have one of the lowest rates. Moreover, developers in some nations outperform others. We at Boostmysites build apps at reasonable rates as well as provides free 1-year maintenance.

  1. Software Complication

Your app maintenance costs will increase if your app gets more screens and features. The technology you use to build apps matters. If apps are developed separately for the individual platforms it will cost you more for the maintenance unless you are using a hybrid technology that can be used for both the platforms.

The number of third-party integrations is another factor to consider. If your application is highly connected with external services like accounting systems, social media, or payment platforms, you can anticipate more maintenance costs. As mentioned before, more features more maintenance, because you cannot afford your users to have a distressed user experience.

  1. Design of the App

To keep affordable maintenance costs, you must hire experienced software designers in the first phases of the app-building. If your app design is not good, it can cost you more maintenance expenses in the long run.

How Much Does It Cost For App Maintenance?

It varies from app to app, features, technologies used. One must have to be ready with the cost of maintenance beforehand. To give an approximate figure, let’s just say it will cost you somewhere between 15 to 20 percent on average.

Things to Remember While Considering App Maintenance Costs

  1. Analytics

Analytics helps to understand performance problems like glitches, crashes, and other bugs. You will need to troubleshoot these as they come up for different purposes beyond only the launches of new OS versions.

  1. Hosting

You require paying the database and backend of your app hosted for your app to perform well. Switching to cloud-based systems can help you lower costs.

  1. Bugs and Updates

Every app gets updated versions. Updates help improve the user experience or bring in new features to your app. This also adds to the cost of maintenance.

  1. App Security

One cannot compromise on the security of an app. Security features of an app will be costly but one should spend towards the security to ensure the long-lasting trust with customers which helps in user retention.

How to Lower App Development and Maintenance Costs

  1. Investment in the Right App Development Platform
  2. Incorporate the Best Features the Users Will Utilize
  3. Hire a Dedicated Person for Maintenance Tasks
  4. Discuss a Maintenance Strategy with App Development Team


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