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How to make an App like TikTok

How to make an App like TikTok

TikTok one of the most used apps in India just got banned recently. With Instagram trying to dominate that market by having a new built-in feature called reels, have you ever thought that you could make an app like TikTok? This will blog will give you a deep insight into how to build an app like TikTok. So how does TikTok work? It allows users to create entertaining videos with music. It also offers various filters, effects, and many more. TikTok gives its user an opportunity to showcase their talent and knowledge to a huge audience. TikTok has 1.1+ Billion global users with 500 million active users. It is also said that they crossed 75 million in revenue. Let us go through some feature of TikTok –

Short-form content – Creating 15 seconds video.
Young Targeted Audience
Celebrity-Like Feel
Money-Making Machine– Allows users to build a following that will allow them to be found by brands for the purpose of promotion.

Now lets come to how to build an App like TikTok. You need to incorporate features like

  • Sign up / Login

The primary feature that allows users to sign up with via G mail, Facebook, etc.

  • Edit Profile

This gives the freedom to users to customize it the way they want their profile to look like to their audience and that matches their personality.

  • Upload video

The most important feature. The feature to upload ready-made videos or make their own with the app and upload it instantly.

  • Editing

Various options for filters, AR effects like a change of color of eyes, hair, background removal, etc. Also provides the option to add stickers, masks, and other animated objects that makes the video more interesting. Even adding overlay texts.

  • Soundtracks

Users can search through a collection of music that can be put as a background track to their videos.

  • Live Streaming

There is no better way to engage with your audience other than going live and having interaction with them on the spot. TikTok had such a premium feature.

  • Likes, comments & follow

Similar to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok also provides an option for users to like, comment on other\’s contents. This helps to make the platform a more engaging one. It also allows users to follow the content creators they like so that they don’t miss out on their updates.

  • Social Sharing

Enabling users to share content on other platforms is a really good option if they want to share the contents of their favorite content creators.

  • Duet Option

A unique feature that made TikTok such a hit. This allows users to collaborate and make videos with other content creators. This just adds extra fun.

  • Admin Panel

This allows the app manager to have control over user management like the ability to edit, delete, and block users.

  • Notification

The most important feature that which used upon effectively can create more engagement on the app as well as helps customer retention as well. This brings them back often, never allowing them to forget the app – a surefire way to make an addictive app.

Now just having such features is not actually going to assure you that the app would be a huge success you need to keep the following in mind while building such an app.

Conduct a Market study of the Target Audience

You can do this by learning about Demographic Profile, behavioral patterns, etc. You need an app that responds well to your target audience. You need to consider users\’ desires and needs, you have to build a buyer persona.

Monetization Model

There are many ways to raise funds for your apps for the development and validation of apps to allow your users to stay in your app. You can approach fundraisers. There is a lot of ways to incorporate fundraising methods within apps like in-app purchases. You can run ads on your platform. CPC, CPM, CPA are the different methods.

Hire an Expert App Development team

A Development team will consist of a Business Analyst, Project Manager, UX/UI Designer, Android / iOS Developers, Back-end developers, quality assurance engineer. If you are looking for the best app development team to build your app visit

Social media apps instantly gain traction among the masses. No matter how many apps enter the market, there’s always a space for more. In fact, now is the right time to turn your dream into a reality and make it your business or a part of your business. All it takes is to hire a development team that understands your business values and make your idea come to life.

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