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How to Pitch a Mobile App to Clients

How to Pitch a Mobile App to Clients

Nearly every business can benefit from app development, meaning that every businesses out there are your potential clients. This blog will highlight and explain how to pitch a mobile app for app development agencies or freelancers.

Pitch to the Right Person

You need to identify the decision makers and figure out how to contact them. Be direct in communication. For bigger companies any person holding titles such as CEO, CTO, COO, CPO, VP of marketing, Business Development head, should be contacted and pitched, while in smaller companies its usually the owner.

Understand your Clients Business Goals

You cannot use the same pitch for every prospects. Businesses usually opt to have an app to attract new customers, to gain competitive advantage or to increase sales. The approach for the three goals should be looked at different angles. So having a generalized pitch will just make your clients look through it. Quality is most important when it comes to delivering a successful app so its better to have a in depth study about the client and pitch to 10 clients than have a common script and give it to 100 prospects.

Understand what they Lack

Find the weak point of every prospects and address how having an dedicated app for their business fill up those gaps. This will help your pitch to cover every stage of the conversion funnel. This is why every pitch needs to be unique. A pitch for an client management app will be different than a app related to improving customer experience. This is why you have to do research and conduct due diligence on each prospect.

Focus on Value and not on Feature

By including a lot of features doesn\’t necessarily mean the app would boost your clients business. Clients will reject your pitch if it actually changes their entire modus operandi. Â Its advisable to focus on 2-3 features that are aligned with companies goal. Businesses need an app to provide value not just for the sake of it.

Create an Visual Imagery for your Client

You need to show your clients how their is going to look and function before hand. This will allow the client to to make decisions faster. If you client needs a fitness app, provide multiple illustrations and samples so that they can personalize their app.

Conduct Industry and Competitive Research

Make your client understand why they need an app by positioning them in their market area. Use statistics and research to allow them to understand better why they need an app. Conducting such researches gives significant selling point. If clients competitors already have an app, stress on what they need to get an app for their business as soon possible. If they don’t, make them understand how they can have an competitive edge.

Post delivery support

By having a proper post delivery maintenance  scheme builds more credibility for your pitch. They shouldn\’t feel like an app development agencies role is only till the app is delivered. Giving them support even after delivery helps you build a permanent connections.

Be confident in every pitch you make. If the pitch was unsuccessful, understand why it didn’t work out and learn from it. Improve it on your next pitch.

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