Increase Sales of Shopify Stores by having a Dedicated App for it

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Increase Sales of Shopify Stores by having a Dedicated App for it

Increase Sales of Shopify Stores by having a Dedicated App for it


Shopify is the most popular eCommerce platform in the world, which powers over 1 million businesses across the globe. If you have a shopify store, you are on the right track! But just having a website isn\’t just enough to stand out among the competition. A website is just the tip of the iceberg. Investing into a mobile app for your shopify store is absolutely great. But just having an app won\’t help you to get the results you want. You need to keep in mind about certain features that will actually build a need for your users to open your store app. When you just have a website, you are probably just relying on email to reach them. Email marketing does not necessarily mean it delivers your message properly. Lets dive into certain must have features for your shopify store app. In this article we will see how one can increase sales of Shopify Stores by having a dedicated app for it.Â

Loyalty programs

These are one of the best ways for you to retain your customers. It\’s basically like giving an incentive for purchasing from your store, which in order increases the frequency for their to your store. Having an app provides the shopify owner to take the loyalty program to the next level. With an app they are just a click away, which allows the users to check their status and encourages them to jump to the next level of the loyalty program. According to studies, it is said that 50% of the users participate in the program as they have access through an app.

Push NotificationsÂ

Push notifications appear similarly like text messages. There are higher chances of them to tap on it which will redirect to your app. Sending too many push notifications will just irritate your users making them either delete the app or mute the notification. Most people for the former option. So use this feature wisely like whenever you have flash sales, discounts, delivery notification etc.Â

Payment Options

Having an app allows you to provide multiple payment options as a lot of online payment gateways are on rise. Creating an ease in transactions enables the user to buy the product hassle free. Major reason for the less sales is cart abandonment and not providing such flexible options increases the chances for the same. Having an app allows you to have the record of the user while installing the app. This also allows you to provide one click purchase features reducing the long checkout process. Having a buy now Call To Action (CTA) increases the conversion rate. Thereby, apps just create a hassle free experience for the user and helps in the retention of your shopify users.


Referrals are a great way to get more traffic to your store. Not all referral programs are successful. The planning of the referral program should be refined for it to work wonders. Mobile apps make it much easier for users to give referrals because an app can integrate with a user’s contact list. All they have to do is select the names of people that they want to refer.

Location Based Promotions

You can set up your app to integrate with the GPS on a user’s device. So when a user enters a predetermined barrier within a location, you can automatically send them a push notification with a relevant offer. Let\’s say one of the users enters a locality near the beach. You can instantly send them notifications for discounted sunglasses, sun screens, bathing suits, accessories etc. This leads to high conversion rates’

Improved customer satisfaction/experience

At the end of the day, people prefer apps. It\’s just one click away to the solution to any of their problems. Be it from product enquiry to customer services. Using data, you can provide them personalised contents.When customers are happy, their shopping frequency increases and they spend more money per purchase. Mobile sales can easily cover the initial investment of creating an app for your Shopify store.

Other technologies like Augmented reality may not be for everyone, but still find use in certain niche. It\’s one of the trends that is booming. IKEA uses it to help customers select the furniture they want by actually giving them a look of the furniture in their actual homes. You’ll be able to communicate with your customers using push notifications and location-based promotions. Loyalty programs and referrals are easier to implement on an app as well. Apps optimize the checkout process and make it easy for customers to buy using their preferred payment method.Â

You’ve already made the right choice by using Shopify to power your eCommerce platform. Now it’s time to take that strategy to the next level by building a mobile commerce app.

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