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Industries that absolutely need an App in 2020

Industries that absolutely need an App in 2020

Before getting into this blog, we cannot stress this enough. Apps are the need of the hour. With this whole coronavirus showdown happening all over the world and social distancing norms keeping people in their homes, the need for physical interaction to exchange products and services is coming into question. At this point, it is a fact that every Industry out there is only going to benefit from having Apps to connect with their audience. But, the reality of the situation is only settling in. So, through this blog let us explore Industries that absolutely need an app in 2020.

Healthcare Industry

In this pandemic scenario, we are not talking about just accessibility to medical help. Health care encompasses a lot of different things from personal health to fitness and exercise to even access to medication and much more. There has been major growth in the health care app available on both IOS and Andriod, with both seeing healthcare as one of the most popular categories available. With wearable devices like smartwatches being easily available in the market, the health care sector seems to be the only industry able to put its features into best use, giving them a huge advantage. Clearly there is a huge need for health care apps be it affordability, access to medication and health care professionals, insurance, or even access to medical knowledge at the moment.

Education Industry

Education has certainly taken a hard hit during this pandemic, seeing closures of educational institutions all over the world, sending students back to their homes. E-learning has been growing over the past decade but has become the need for the hour right now. Institutions have resorted to communicating with students via various apps like for online classes or a student portal to be connected with the student at all times. Both IOS and Andriod have seen growth in education apps downloaded this year and even growth of apps like Zoom, which is now globally used for online classes.

Finance Industry

According to research published by Google, 41% of smartphone users use their mobile phones for finance-related activities. Cashless is also becoming a rather popular method driven by this pandemic as well. Paying bills, fines, transferring money, checking the status of transactions, etc can be done through an app.

Entertainment Industry

Gaming has always been the king of apps when it comes to popularity. It’s a 200 billion dollar industry, which is not small. Compare it to its 180 billion dollar worth in 2018, that’s some serious growth. Apart from gaming, streaming apps, especially for music and movies have also become popular like Spotify and Netflix. People are staying home more, and are ready to look into newer entertainment apps as well. This would be a good time for businesses in this industry to invest in an app.

E-commerce Industry

If you have an e-commerce business, there are absolutely no excuses for not having an app. People are now more attached to their phones than families, there’s no better way to connect with customers than an app. Most big names we hear in E-commerce like Amazon or Alibaba or eBay have apps and earn the most from their apps as well. There must be a good enough reason for doing so.

Food Industry

Being the most wide-ranging industries in the world, we know there is no lack of people accessing services from this Industry. From Ordering food online, to making reservations, paying bills, a business can truly make a customer’s experience with their business special with an app with this industry. People will always want food, but if you can get your food to them in the easiest and best way possible, they will want your food more. Let’s not forget about the fact that most of us survived lockdown because food apps were available to us.

Retail Industry

Again Retail is an umbrella term for a store providing a certain type of product or service. Right now it’s a necessity for a retail brand to have an app, as either the customer cannot access the store or prefers not to be there for a reason (Corona, Of course!) An app is the best way one can access products and services from the comfort of their homes, is an app.

To sum up, basically these are the industries that should absolutely have an app.

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