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Lack of SEO is losing you Clients

Lack of SEO is losing you Clients


There is a misconception that small businesses cannot rank top on the google searches. This usually comes due to the lack of knowledge about the topic. It all started as soon as everything became online. Today you can get literally anything in a matter of a click, sitting comfortably in your house. So, for better user experience, google visits all the websites related to that particular topic. This is where SEO comes into play. There are certain criteria by which, the google bots rank the webpages, they are known as ranking factors. All the work that is done for the SEO is simply to keep those bots happy.

Now everyone wants to rank on the top. Why so? Because according to the statistical research we came to know that people have a small focus area as well as a truly short attention span. Due to which more than 90% of the people never visit the second page of google search. That is less shocking, the more shocking part is that more than 80% people do not even scroll down to explore more options, they try to find what they want in the first three search results. Have you ever seen how many search results are provided for every query you put? No, right? That is the reason why it matters a lot to come on top of the results.

There are some advantages, or some benefits listed below that a business can have by doing SEO.

Increased Traffic
The top positions on search engine result pages are those who generate the most impressions and clicks. Doing the math for you, more clicks or impressions mean more website visitors and hence more conversions. And conversions is exactly what every company wants.

Return on Investment
SEO gives you the ability to track and quantify results, which allows you to see how your company efforts are doing and if any type of adjustments is needed. With SEO you can track which adjustment is needed. With SEO you can track which path users take, down to the keywords that were used to make a search before an actual purchase was made. This info can help you see your return on Investment in your SEO efforts.

Cost Effectivity
Compared to the traditional methods of marketing, SEO is significantly more cost effective, because you can specifically target the audience who are actively looking for your product or service online. The more defined your target consumers are, the more likely it is for you to achieve a successful marketing company.

Site Usability
SEO makes your website easier for users and search engines to navigate because it rearranges your links and your site’s architecture, making it easier to find. This simplifies the process of finding information on your site and makes it easier for search engines to manoeuvre your site for relevant pages as well.

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