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Mastering User Retention with an App

Mastering User Retention with an app

Customer retention is the number one thing that every business should focus on. A 10% increase in user retention can increase the value of a business by more than 30%. When it comes to owning an app, you have an edge over other competing businesses as you are one click away from them. App Store optimization, paid ads, influencer marketing, and a host of other user acquisition tactics can all bring new users to your app. Now the question is what should businesses do from them to retain their users? In this blog we will see the ways involved in mastering user retention with an app.

Let\’s break it into 3 phases. Phase 1 Onboarding, Nurture, Attrition.

The onboarding phase is the most critical phase. How you engage users in this initial phase will have a far greater impact on overall retention than anything else.

If you fail in Phase 1, there\’s very little you can do in the next stages to make up for it. Onboarding, simply put, is where users get their first impression of your app and your brand. businesses must help new users experience their app\’s unique value as soon as possible.

The nurture phase is all about nurturing user habits. By helping users create new habits around the app, eventually, they won\’t need a reminder to use it. They\’ll keep coming back all on their own. Push notifications are the feature to be taken advantage of during this phase.

The first two retention phases are mostly focused on onboarding and behavioral psychology. But the Attrition Stage, the final phase is about building a great product and continuously improving it. So ask for user feedback. Continue adding new features and enhancing the UI. Improve the user experience by personalizing every interaction users have with your app and your brand.

Let us come to the strategies that will help businesses achieve high rates of user retention. An intuitive onboarding experience means users spend less time figuring out the how of your app and get right to the why your app, will hook them on your app. If you have a super simple app with an intuitive UI, you might get away with leaving users to their own devices. But many apps benefit from thoughtful UI overlays, simple walkthroughs, and visual hints to help users quickly experience the key benefit of the app. To ace phase 2, refine your most popular features. Then hire a responsive customer service team, to make sure your customers get all the help they want at the time of their need. Create engagement hooks that entice users to come back to your app. Send push notifications that prompt users to return.

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