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Mobile app Trends to Create Stunning Apps in 2020

Mobile app Trends to Create Stunning Apps in 2020


The app development industry is booming as it is continuously evolving. Advancements in technology, customer demands actually effect the mobile app trends. Developers at an App Development Company spend so much of the time & attempt to stay along with the current trends of development. We at Boostmysites make it a point not just to focus on the present but also the future.

With that being said, it is time to take a closer look at the trends that are going to change the entire online industry!

5G Tech

We all love speed, don’t we? who wouldn\’t want to download and and access data within a blink of an eye. 5G enables us to do so! This will boost network efficiency and traffic capacity. This will all lead to boosting functionality of of apps. 5G can be used efficiently during the testing and development stages.

Internet of Things (IoT) integration

IoT helps in growing network of the connected devices to the internet. This provides convenience and allows automation that enable to control consumers. Smart homes are an example of IoT.

According to statista, the revenue generate from this stream of IoT will cross 1.6 trillion by 2025.

Household devices, automobiles and health-care are three markets that will see a rise if they implement and utilise IoT advancements.

Motion Sensors

As Smart phones now are outfitted with detecting capacities. Developers should take advantage of these features as they can increase the usability of the mobile applications. Apps that depend on motion sensors are used in games like car racing, and they can also be as counter theft features.

Enterprise Mobile Management

Businesses need enterprise mobile management as it is an important part of the systems to help them streamline their plans in the coming years. Enterprise mobile management helps businesses to get the majority of their security and budgetary management done.

Application Performance Management

Thanks to Application Performance Management tools, the finest possible matrices are being set with the goal that organizations are able to measure the application’s performances in an efficient way.

These tools monitor user Behavior, and this offers both the developers and the customer the required data to improve performance. Business procedures should be able to become familiar with the attribute that gives better outcomes. APM can help with the testing process and application developers need to have this in the back of their head.

Wearable Tech

fitness trackers, virtual reality gaming, apple watch, Samsung smart watches are all wearable tech. The market for wearable tech is evolving as they bring out new technologies frequently. Apps are essential for such kind of devices as to view the data recorded and can be used to procure results according to which we can bring about changes. These developments make a very different universe of chances for the major part of the app developers out there who are hoping to grow to be well known. Applications that join with this type of technology to carry profitable data will remain single in the coming years as people will be directly download apps from their wrist.

Mobile commerce

E commerce is another industry that is dominating every other niche. Brands like amazon, myntra, flipkart, alibaba shopify etc. are utilizing apps to drive sales. it is also said that 70% of total e commerce sales will come from mobile devices. Developers can specialize in making apps of such niches.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the core for any app development. Such developments have just scratched the surface. Artificial Intelligence enables features like image recognition, face detection, text and image classification, emotion recognition and classifications, speech recognition, predictive maintenance.

Artificial Intelligence will change the face of back end development process to front end user experience.

Mobile wallets

Internet has revolutionized the methods of transactions. The millennial have seen the change from cash payments to e wallet payments. Phonepe, Google Pay (Tez), BHIM, Amazon Pay are competing against each other to dominate the market and as you can see they all are apps. Payments Integration\’s into app will enable easy payments.

There are many such mobile app trends like Augmented reality , Chat bots, On Demand apps like Netflix, swiggy, Cloud Computing integration and many more. If you wish the create a modern app with essential features staying along with the trend visit

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