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Dubai Based Company raises 10 million dollars for global expansion

App development and SEO service-based company, is in for a major change in the next coming months as the company has raised more than 10 million dollars through angel investors.


Boostmysites – \’The App Development Mafia\’

Dubai based app development company boostmysites has been named the best app developer in the region for the year 2020. The company which recently announced the plans for their expansion from their current markets, has seen exponential…


Singapore Based companies choose Boostmysites for App Development is playing the fields really well with its SEO and App Development Services. The Dubai based company which started primarily for Indian Businesses has now been a new choice for Singapore based businesses.


A successful venture gets boosted with an investment of 10 million dollars for global expansion has come up with very successful strategies for SEO and app development services and has gained attention of angel investors who are investing 10 million dollars to collaborate with the company\’s global..