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Parameters to Track your Business Mobile App’s Success

Parameters to Track your Business Mobile App’s Success

With the increase of businesses implementing having a dedicated app, it has exposed them to multiple opportunities for business enterprises to engage their customers in a more promising and alluring way. But, with every business trying to stay ahead of their competitors it is really hard to find out how far your app is reaching your customers and how effectively they are making use of it to take your business to its highest potential. To help you understand the success of your app, here are a few best parameters to consider. In this article we will see Parameters to Track your Business Mobile App\’s Success.

  • Session Length
    A basic parameter in every app. The duration of the per-session of usage rightly helps to determine how far your app is engaging with your potential customers who are ultimately your users. Varying with the types of users and their intention to visit, it gives a clear understanding of the nature of users interacting with the app and what they expect from it.
  • Usage Rate
    If more people are using an app, it means they are being provided value. Evidently, an app with a clear-cut solution for the users has its success affirmed. By estimating the usage rate, it enables the creators to know the engagement metric of their apps which provides insights on how their app is used. When one analyzes the usage rate of their app, it helps app marketers to make necessary adjustments to improve their app’s performance for driving user engagement which will increase user retention.
  • Retention Rate
    Apps must strive for longevity instead of prominence and needs to be high in performance as well as create a seamless yet hassle-free user experience for higher retention. User retention is the most important metric that enables apps to dominate the market sector as it gives the idea of the number of users who have uninstalled the app after using it fewer times and how many users went on using it.
  • App’s Load Time
    Time is money. People hate waiting for anything to be loaded. it’s necessary that every app owner make their app’s loading speed as frictionless and quick as possible. If anything in the app slackens the loading time, there are high chances of it being uninstalled and replaced by another competing app. Hence, it becomes paramount for marketers to determine the loading speed of their apps and think about prospects for improving it if it is slow.
  • Average Revenue Per User
    While the key purpose of an app is to make some money out of it, there’s a parameter too for measuring the revenue earned from it in a particular time period. App owners can perceive an overall picture of their app’s success by its ARPU (average revenue per user) statistics. Calculated on the basis of the price of the app or other in-app purchases, ARPU refers to the value that one particular user renders to the app.

Keeping these factors in mind will allow you highly increase the success rate of your app which will in turn increase the businesses\’ brand value as well boost the sales making your businesses reputable yet profitable.


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