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Power of AI and Machine Learning: App Development

Power of AI and Machine Learning: App development

In the past century, we saw technology change drastically. Our very own creations, machines, seem to be getting ahead of us. Words like machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) make rounds in our lives everyday, but common folks are nowhere close to understanding their power. In this blog lets explore how machine learning and AI have changed technology forever, especially app development.
Even though the terms machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are used interchangeably they don\’t mean the seem. Think of AI as an umbrella, referring to the creation of a system where we make machine work as intelligently as us or more than us. Machine learning is a part of this, a technique by which machines, learn from the data fed to them, eventually not needing human interference to do work.

So how did app developers use this?
Its simple, machine learning and AI have made apps smart. They are foundational to most apps we use today. There are mainly two types of AI driven apps. One, applied AI which uses complex algorithms and calculations which allows the app to make decisions of its own but only to a certain extent. Generalized AI which includes machine learning drives the app to a higher level, capable of learning by itself till they handle any kind task by themselves. This is possible by the large amounts of data collected by the program online. This is how an app becomes smart.

What are some ways apps use AI and machine learning?
App developers integrates various machine learning algorithms that makes the app capable of learning from consumer behavior. For example, an e- commerce app can follow a customer\’s buying pattern and make shopping suggestions based on it. It is almost similar to a sales person identifying interest of the buyer and selling products that suite them. When so much technology is available traditional advertising strategy of one size fits all is obsolete. Algorithms can pick up on consumer behavior and target ads that are relevant to them. There are higher chances of conversion with targeted advertising. Machine learning has made apps capable of learning where, when and how a user uses an app and use it to its advantage. For example, sending push notifications when it knows when the user uses that app the most.

The search engine within an app is able to have a better understanding of the consumer\’s interest to the various filters an app uses. This leads to better or precised output. This helps the app serve better every next experience. Chatbots that are now used to solve consumer grievances, also use user\’s data to truly learn the user\’s problem and provide appropriate answers. Presently apps are also using technology like facial recognition, giving a sense of better data security to the user.

AI and machine learning for apps is at its infancy right now mostly trying to learn consumer behavior tp personalize the app as much as possible to improve its shelf life. Its not long before your apps knows what you want better than yourself.

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