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Why Python Development Programme?

Create magic with your fingertips and develop unique , technologically sound applications to be used in smartphones. In an online world, be the LEADER!

Why should you learn Python Development?

​ More than 50,000 job openings are available like " Web development " " Full stack development " " Automation development " " Application development " " Data scientist " " Data analyst " " Artificial intelligence " " Free lancer "

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Its the Fastest Growing Technology

Let’s be honest, the world is changing. And one of the fastest-growing technologies in app development. So make sure you are up to speed with future technology trends, and maybe try out some mobile apps to increase your productivity.

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Huge Job Opportunities

So there’s a hot deal going on for a systematic approach to learning app development. That is a big industry with a real shortage of trained people. This is where you can easily fit into a job with a high salary package.

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Freedom to work from anywhere

You can work from anywhere. You have nothing to worry about, just focus on building app and sell them to multiple businesses and start making money! Its that simple...

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Easy To Learn

It doesn’t have to be hard. We make it enjoyable for everyone to learn fast.

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Learn how to start your own thriving development business, and deal with clients all over the world!

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We've taken all our knowledge and put it into one kickass training program. This Course is your complete guide to master Python Development.

4. Data base – MongoDB

* Introduction
* Data modelling
* Data types
* Data base operation – 1&2
* Modelling relationship
* Connection with Python using PyMongo

3. Frameworks

* This section covers 2 most important frameworks on Python programming Django & Flask
* Django being very widely used will upcast your profile

2. Advance concepts of python

* Learn the core fundamentals of OOP
* Regex & DB
* Importing packages and much more

1. Core Python

* Learn the basics of python, from installation to writing your first program
* Data types & statements
* Exception handling

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The syllabus of Boostmysites Keeps on changing to adapt to the latest trends and also, we provide resources from time to time so that our students stay updated with the advancements in the field.
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Tech companies are offering excellent payment for talented application developers and are offered the following positions


Tech companies are offering excellent payment for talented application developers and are offered the following positions

Job Opportunities

Huge openings

Tech companies are offering excellent payment for talented application developers and are offered the following positions

python Developer

Python Front End Developer

Python Back End Developer

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