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React Native New Favorite for App Development

React Native New Favorite for App Development

As we know the technology is changing very fast pace hence it requires constant upgrades in the same world. The need is even higher when the field is app development. People want things done at the press of a button, click of a link or even at snap of a finger. And in these kinds of conditions React Native proves much useful than other methods. Why? Because working with React Native is easy, cross-platform app development professionals can create an app much quicker, thereby reducing the development-to-market time considerably. In this blog we will some more reasons to why React Native new favorite for app development.

React Native is a cutting-edge technology which is being used by many mobile application development company professionals.

In React Native, the code is written in JavaScript with the use of the JavaScript library for assistance.

What is the advantage of being cross platform, it simply means that it reduces the cost of development because the same code can be used for both the platforms.

Another advantage is that where most of the mobile app development platforms focus on the back end, React Native focuses more on the front-end development creating a highly customized and responsive UX.

Many big companies like Facebook, Walmart, Nike, UberEATS are known to use React Native for their app development.

  1. Multiple Platform Solution.
    Write one code and you are done for both the platforms. It is not that hard to understand, see the technicality is that there are some instructions that are completely same for the different app development tools.
  2. Low cost.
    Obviously when the code is reduced the person who is responsible for writing the code gets their work reduced. So gradually the overall cost for the coding part becomes less.
  3. Faster Sample Products.
    When the coding is reduced due to the cross platform features the chances of getting bugs also reduces. Because the number of bugs that can come is directly proportional to the length of the code.
  4. Responsive UX
    The user experience determines how successful your app will be in gaining a large audience. Native apps always give smooth UX while hybrid apps give more like a web feeling.
  5. Easy debugging.
    Bug detection as well as debugging becomes very easy as the code for different platforms needs only one update. In fact it is advisable to hire some dedicated developers for the bug detection phase.

Although the list to tell that React Native is the best for app development, it ultimately depends on the type of App you want to build.

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