Reasons Why Mobile Apps are better than Websites

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Reasons Why Mobile Apps are better than Websites

Reasons Why Mobile Apps are better than Websites

Often after coming at a certain point a business needs more space of spreading. Let’s say a business is already doing good but it needs to expand, so the next resort it finds is a website. But what after it? So that is exactly the case when mobile apps come in to existence. But the real question is are mobile apps better than websites, or they don’t make much of a difference?


In this blog we will analyse some reason where mobile apps do make a difference when it comes to increasing the potential of a business.

  1. Mobile apps are easy to personalize.
    Personalization means a person is easily getting what he or she wants. Ill be more specific. Let’s say a person operating a certain app doesn’t like to get notified at a particular time for some reason. There you go the person can easily modify the settings and again come back to the comfortable spot it was before.
  2. Ease in Sending Notifications
    For the past couple of years, email has been the most used business communication tool. But it turned out in a negative direction when people started abusing the emails and hence the emails lost their touch. There are two types of notifications: push and in-app notifications. They both serve a purpose of an exciting alternative.
  3. Mobile Device Features can add up a lot
    Mobile apps usually have an advantage of utilizing features of a mobile device like camera, contact list, GPS, phone calls, compass etc. If you look at it, you are getting so much without even having to include it in the app interface.
  4. Offline
    There are times when people might be in areas where there is a bit connectivity issues. But no worries, apps do come with an ability to work offline. Its true there might be some app features which might not work in the absence of internet but its not like a website where a person can not even access it if the internet is not accessible.
  5. More time on app is spent
    Mobile users spend nearly 86% of their time on mobile apps and just the left on the mobile websites. Not only that, but the average time users spend on mobile apps is also increasing day by day – the estimated rise is 21% in one year.

Mobile apps v/s Mobile Site – What should you choose?

Developing both mobile website and mobile app for your business can prove to be a costly task. It is better to choose one or the intelligent thing would be to take one step at a time, and move on to the other once it is essential.

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