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Top 8 Most Popular Apps in the World

Top 8 Most Popular Apps in the World

There was a time when there was no internet. Then internet came and changed the world. Later when smartphones came, internet became more accessible to everyone. But smartphones not only came with ease of access to internet but also had apps with them. And since the introduction of apps in our lives, everything changed. The way we study, the way we came to know about news, the way we contacted others. Everything had one or another app at its disposal. In this article, we will see the top 8 most popular apps in the world.

There are different reasons why a particular app is at the position. The app varieties in topping the list varies from social networking apps to the very official meet conducting apps.

Out of everything the most important thing to understand is that, just imagine if these businesses didn’t have an app, neither would they have expanded their reach to millions of new people, nor they would have gained the popularity which made us talk about them.

Here are 8 Most downloaded and yet most popular apps.

  1. Zoom:
    Zoom is an online conference conducting app. This app made its tremendous success when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and everyone was bound to sit at home. But the daily activities couldn’t stop, there had to be a way to keep the lives going on. So, everyone found the solution with zoom.
  2. WhatsApp:
    No matter what, we can’t live without chatting or communicating. Since the very beginning of the lives, people have found out ways to communicate to others. Now in the modern age the best way to communicate without leaving your place is through chatting. And hence WhatsApp rocks the list.
  3. Facebook:
    There is not much discussion why Facebook has the position. The only thing is when the social media spread out and everyone wanted to be a part of it, it became popular. And after smartphones came, Facebook had to had an app.
  4. Messenger:
    Messenger app was an alternative to chatting, with your Facebook friends of course.
  5. Instagram:
    There comes the app which people might have thought, why is not there yet. Maybe because it was developed way later than others in the list. But if the growth is seen it was way faster than many others in the same list.
  6. Google Meet:
    Why google meet became so popular even when there was Zoom rocking the list, is only because of some privacy issues which were brought up by some people against Zoom. But Zoom maintained its position by improving the privacy policies.
  7. Aarogya Setu:
    This Indian App was a necessity in the COVID-19 pandemic. And also, the government instructed to do so. And not only that but it was also an app which helps a lot, and does good to the humanity.
  8. YouTube:
    No wonder what age, this app welcomes everyone with so much content it has. There are people who are even earning a consistent earning by being a streamer on YouTube.

Ultimately, the important thing to understand with this article is that, if you have a business and are looking forward to increase its reach, then making an app is a must for you. Only it can help you gain more number of people.

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