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Top Mobile App Development Technologies

Top Mobile App Development Technologies to Develop an App Faster

In this 21st Century, it doesn’t matter who you are, we all want our results as quickly as possible. And especially when it comes to mobile app development; business want only those apps that are lightning-fast and provides a seamless user experience. In this article we will see some of the top mobile app development technologies to develop an app faster.
An app is a blend of effective coding skills and various platforms. So, let’s look at various programming languages for mobile app development.
Out of many programming languages you need to weigh multiple advantages and disadvantages, as well as the popularity of the programming language.
Swift, Objective-C for iOS
Objective-C was the very first programming language that supported mobile application on iOS platform. It was a combination of C programming language and some of the object-oriented functionality, as well as a dynamic runtime environment.
The other one is Swift, and I would suggest that as it is more stable because of its inline support for manipulating text strings and data.
Java is programming language trusted by many app developers, as it offers massive open-source tools and libraries.
OpenJDK is Java’s primary implementation to date, and above all – Java is app developers’ most favoured programming language when they need to build native Android Apps.
Mobiles apps that are developed with HTML 5 have certain advantages. And another thing to understand is that they can be inexpensive and simpler to build – since JavaScript is known to many. Corporate developers use HTML 5 to make the mobile app development process less time-consuming, cheaper, and seamless.
Some of the Mobile App Development Tools are:
Framework7 initially was only for iOS but now it also provides Android support. So if you ever want to build an app on Android which looks and feels like an iOS app then your go to is Framework7. For using Framework7 you need to have good knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Xcode comes with a new approach to mobile application design and development. Swift is an exciting new programming language that can be used for Cocoa and Cocooa touch. Xcode also contains all features that developers need to create Mac, iPhone iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch apps.
Flutter is one of the hot favourites of mobile application development technology that uses DART programming language instead of JavaScript to promote fast performance, speed, efficient analysis and attractive UIs.

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