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UI/UX Design Tools for Mobile App Development

UI/UX Design Tools for Mobile App Development

UI (user interface) design is an outline for machine and software that a designer uses with a prime focus on maximizing usability and user experience. The purpose of user interface design is to create a user interface that makes it easy, efficient, and enjoyable for users to interact with a product. In this blog we will briefly discuss UI/UX design tools for mobile app development.

The UI designer is particular about how the product is forwarded. They decide which screen or page a user can interact with and make sure that the UI visually communicates with the path that the UX designer has laid out. On a daily basis it implies everything, from the minute details to the maximum approach like choosing colors and fonts to designing a button, to carry out usability test to sampling.

To start your journey in the field of UI as a designer you need to have major skills in the art of transformation. Like an artist requires his tools to shape up his ideas so does a UI designer. This is where UI/UX design tools come into play.

In the industry one will get familiar with a lot of tools although we have listed a set of tools that are in hype:


Invision is a web-based prototyping tool which is in style with both UX as well as UI designers. One can upload static design files and quickly turn them into high-fidelity, interactive prototypes. It has a great partnership appeal, which makes clients and other team members to comment directly on your designs, and your ideas can be shared across the team using Boards. They’re always adding new features, such as this Craft Prototype for seamless crossover between Sketch and InVision, and sign-up is free. This is one of the most well-known tools in the industry, so it’s definitely worth using.


One of the most important craft as a UI designer is to be able to communicate your design to the development team and Zeplin has been built to facilitate this. The user need to do is to upload there designs, and Zeplin will automatically generate specs and guidelines accordingly. For frontend developers, its time efficient and effortless. For smooth collaboration, user can also integrate Zeplin with Slack channels and add notes for the developers directly in the platform.


For rapid wire framing, Balsamiq is an amazing tool within the industry. It’s available for desktop or Cloud app, its self-promoting as the perfect “in-between” tool for designers, product managers and developers. One of the most valuable features for UI designers is the User Interface libraryone can choose from a range of different UI elements with drag and drop options onto the wireframe.


Every UI pro designer must have this digital design app. A vector-based tool, one can easily resize that is drawn without losing sharpness. Sketch is also great for wireframing and prototyping. It is only available for Mac, once paid user can use the app for a long time and have to renew it once for updates.


The first in-browser interface design tool, with powerful editing tools and massive handy features. Figma is a one-stop shop for designing, prototyping and gathering feedback. UI designers can take advantage of limited feature, with screen size adapting changes. With these feature, it’s extremely easy to reuse elements across your designs.


An interactive prototyping app for Mac users which offers almost everything one needs to bring designs to life. Design micro-interactions and screen transitions, add video layers simply by dragging video or GIF files straight into your designs, incorporate UI sound effects and customizable scrollingthe list goes on. User can import files from Sketch and, finally, preview how designs look using the free iOS viewer.

 Adobe XD:

Adobe XD is a vector-based tool for designing and prototyping user experiences for web, mobile, and even voice! You’ll feel comfortable with Adobe XD, if you’re already familiar with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. An extremely flexible tool offering a whole host of features for designing, prototyping, sharing, collaborating, and creating a complete design system. XD supports Windows 10, MacOS and is also available as a mobile app for both Android and iOS.

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