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UX and UI: Make or Break your App

UX and UI: Make or break your App.

If you have had a decent scan through our website, it is pretty clear that an app is crucial to a business in this day and age, regardless of the scale of the business. No other medium is as powerful as an app for penetrating through various kinds of markets, local or international. But, if every other business out there has an app, offering every possible service through an app, how you stand out. What can make your app special? Today Let’s examine one of the most important parts of app development, which is unfortunately overlooked in the process of just getting an app done, User interface (abbreviated to UX) and User Interface(UI). Before we define them, get this statement into your head. UI and UX can absolutely make or break your product or service.


If you are tech savvy and are interested in designing, UI and UX might be familiar to you. But, the main concern is that people see them as the same thing or don’t see it at all. You may hear people use these terms interchangeably but, User Interface and User Experience is not the same. Let’s define them separately and then look into why it’s important.

So, What is User Experience?

User interface, as the name suggests, is the overall experience the customer has with your product or services. A complicated or messy experience a customer has with your app is a result of bad User interface design.

How many clicks does it take to get to what the customer wants? Does visuals help the customer at a certain point? Is the customer more likely to click this button if positioned here? What kind of content leads to better conversion? These are the kinds of things that user Experience design looks into.

User Experience design concentrated mainly on the target audience, their goals. Mainly, research goes into finding out customer pain points, competitor analysis, unmet market needs etc. UX designs improves the interaction a customer has with product and his or her perception of the product.

And User Interface?

User Interface is solely focused on the look and layout of elements, from images to text to buttons to colors and more. Anything that a person interacts with, but instead of the utility, User Interface deals with the aesthetic side.Â

Its simple, Ux is more conceptual while UI focuses on the visual aesthetics. They go hand in hand, could be why they are interchangeably used. UI looks into things like color palettes, animation, graphics, button styles, typography, themes etc. UI designers keep themselves updated on graphic patterns and design trends that evolve as customers’ tastes and behavior changes.

Thorough research and planning is required while building your app, especially to understand what the user needs and coming up with an apt solution for that problem. The end goal is to create a design that works the most effectively and efficiently. Here are some reasons why you must pay attention to UI/UX

1. Customer satisfaction improves, hence improving your ROI
2. Gives an decent understanding of the type of audience using your app
3. Increased customer satisfaction builds your brand in their mind
4. Cost and time efficiency

Most successful applications owe their success to great ease of use, seamless navigation and attract interface, which keeps users coming back for more. Basically, developing UX/UI is the foundation of a successful application. Functionality is important, but remember that if your app isn’t visually pleasing or making their life a little easier, it isn’t going to be a hit. Watch your sales boost to another level by just paying attention to this overlooked yet powerful part of app development.

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