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What is Fuchsia?

What is Fuchsia?

Google has been secretly working on a project that might have the potential to replace the most popular and widely used Mobile Operating System, Android.  Google’s group of engineers has reportedly working on this replacement for years now. And according to the reports this might be even bigger and better than any version of Android. In this article we will see about Fuchsia.

This developing project is called Fuchsia, originally began to post code in 2016 to improve Android’s shortcomings. The main reason and motivation to this new invention is because the engineers want to create more voice interactions in their compatible speakers and to provide more frequent security patches as more Google devices are introduced to the market.

Fuchsia’s main goal is to provide everyone with “a single operating system capable of running all the company’s in-house gadgets, like Pixel phones and smart speakers,” which even includes “third-party devices,” Bloomberg said.

The Google Engineers informed about Fuchsia that they hope to have the project finished and running in the next 5-6 years for larger devices like laptops and phones. The smaller home devices are expected to be embedded in the next three years.

That is not the only advantage, another key advantage is that, most iPhone users quickly update their phones when Apple releases a new version for the operating system, while less that 10 percent of Android user do that. This means Google’s latest services only reach a fraction of Android users.

The best part from the company’s perspective is that, introducing a new operating system and making people switch from Android will give them a reset button to any mistakes they might have made in the past 10 years.

A benefit from the project is that it will be new challenge for experienced company hackers – which only makes it stronger in the long run.

Fuchsia, now with over 1—people working on it, hopes to combat some of Google’s limitations by taking higher security measures such as encrypting “user keys” into the operating system, workers said. With voice control at the center of it all. Fuchsia will be a better integrative option for Google’s new and upcoming projects.

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