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What Makes a Mobile Application Successful?

What Makes a Mobile Application Successful?

If you are an entrepreneur, you need to know that mobile application is not only for big ventures. Android and iOS applications are playing a very notable role to drive in sales for businesses of any scale. Apps are the best solution when it comes to ease of accessibility, information and also gives a huge advantage to one’s business. Apps are everywhere.


Statistics says that there are over 3.8 billion smart phone users around the world. We use our phone to use the various applications installed according to our preferences. Do you that Google play store has a walking 2.9 million apps listed where as the apple dedicated app store has 2.2 million apps.
DID YOU KNOW? That most of us use only 7 apps a day on an average and almost 30 a month. Then what are the other apps listed not being used or never heard of? This is because there is no business need or the product is poor.

Various businesses ranging from small scale to big scale businesses like salons, cafes, food joints, grocery, rentals, retail shops etc. also have their website as well as a dedicated app developed to not only boost the business but also to stay forward and to catch up with the competition. Hence, the app market is becoming ruthless. So if you want to stay ahead of the competition and make your business app a success, you need to master the essentials components that make it a perfect one!

The vital component to create a stunning successful app if to fill in the core features that will fill in all user requirements. The notion is to develop a hassle free user experience that will make the customer stay on the app and explore more about the same to increase the buying intention.

Additional essential features can be introduced in the later version of apps as a sign of advancement, there by increasing brand value.

Features of an app can divided into two categories. Consumer centric and Business centric. The former emphasizes on nice design leading to well planned UX/UI, stable work flow, sufficient data security, quick access to service desk. While former emphasizes on increased user retention, hassle free payment gateway, low cost developments for the future, easy update methods.

Lets see the various factors that make a app successful-

Identify user audience

Knowing your audience helps to understand the business potential and the market need of your product or service. Developing a communication channel with the audience helps with retention of users as well.

Minimalism is the Key

Less is always more! This saying is apt when it comes to applications across all platforms and devices. The user interface and experience should be minimal yet trendy, and hassle free.

Keeping the navigation and design simple helps an app to get gather more traffic. Business developers take help of professional developers to make this a reality.

Visual experience

The app should have a modern look catching up to the design trends. UX/UI design is key to high visual aesthetics.

Should offer value

The app should make a customer motivated enough to download and use the app for a prolonged time. Even small game apps tends to be a stress reliever which makes people addicted to it! An app should merge consumer needs, business objectives and technological solutions in a very smart way.

Choose the right technology

App can be either of the three-

  • Platform-specific native app- These are coded for specific platforms – iOS or Android. These type of apps can leverage the functionality of the devices software as well as hardware.
  • Cross platform native app- These apps are developed using shared SDK (Software Development Kit). Flutter is widely recognized for this approach.
  • Hybrid app- These types of apps are compatible across all operating systems and devices. If you are on a budget , this is the type of app one should go for as it very cost effective because the same code can be used for all platforms. This is done by web technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript etc.

Consider Activity of the app

An app can contain multiple linked pages which means it has multiple activities. It is a basic feature which a developer has to pay attention to as it provides the path to connect with the different windows. The cycle life of the activity has to be precise.

Content providers

Data shared between apps needs to be secure with the security intact. A content provider manages access to a central repository of data, which has its own UI for working. This offers a consistent, standard interface to data that also handles inter-process communication and secure data access.

Include Widgets & Notifications

Widgets and notifications are a must have elements to give home screen customization and maximum benefits for the user. There are many options to roll out informational to control midgets that can be integrated into your app. Notifications can be used wisely to increase the interaction of customer with your mobile application and also to give important messages and alerts.

Provide maximum security

People rely on online safety as payments, personal data are all fed into apps. This makes it a key feature to make an app reliable and successful. A app should follow basic security protocols like encryption of database and API, cryptography key and token management, validation of token, OWASP recommended checks.

Allow Third party integration

This enriches the feature making it more salient. Take Google maps as an example big giants like UBER, OLA, SWIGGY, ZOMATO and other ventures have been integrated.

Release updates often

If you want to stay in the market you have to update the app with improvements, and bug fixes. Apple iOS and Google owned Android update their operating systems, hence keeping the app coherent to changes is key.

Improvise based on feedback

The app providers must listen to what their users say. Value them. Improving based on user feedback can help acquire more users as well as in retention of users.

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