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Why Choose Kotlin for Android App Development

Why Choose Kotlin for Android App Development

Taking the route back to the history of Android Application Development, Java ruled the world but ever since Google has announced Kotlin as the official programming language for Android Applications back at the I/O conference in 2017, the application world has started to shift pace. This blog post will shed light on the number of reasons to choose Kotlin for Android Application Development. Since Google has decided to shift base to Kotlin as well, many programmers are choosing Kotlin for Android programming. Java is now deemed as an error-prone, old programming language that doesn’t support modernization. Some of its very useful features are not supported for Android application development thus programmers are now shifting to a more result-oriented and easy to use programming language Kotlin. As the introduction of the Swift language took out objective C Language from the market, the doom of the Java programming language has just started with the introduction of Kotlin. In this article we will see why choose kotlin for android app development.
Kotlin as the programming language for Android Application Development:

Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language that was introduced back in 2010 by a software product development organization named JetBrains, located in Russia. It is an open-source language that can work on the Java Virtual Machine. The multipurpose programming language has risen to power from the past three years and is preferred by programmers for offering multiple acquisitions and functional features that further offers faster integration.It is one of the most preferred programming languages for Android Application development for being open-source as well as flexible and supports multiple easy to use programming tools.

Here are some of the Reasons for Choosing Kotlin for Android Application Development:

  • Open Source – Kotlin was announced as an open-source programming language back in 2012. This makes it easy for the developers to get core product development and get endless support from the Kotlin team. The developer can root for high-quality application development by using Kotlin as the programming language.
  • Easy to Set Up – Ever since the introduction of Android Studio 3.0, the update now offers a built-in feature to support Kotlin application development and the programmer doesn’t need to use a plug-in to add in the Kotlin programming support.
  • Ample IDE Support – Since Kotlin was officially released in 2016 but was available for use since 2011, the programming language has been subjected to multiple alpha and beta tests for improved functionality. One can further install IDE plugins for use with Kotlin and use multiple of Java’s features with proven results.
  • Interoperability with Java – Since Kotlin is 100% interoperable with the programming language Java, the developers can use the Kotlin and Java Code side by side in a single project without having to worry about disturbing the flow. All they have to do is add additional tools and required frameworks without disturbing the ongoing process.
  • Reduced Code – One of the best reasons for choosing Kotlin over Android Application Development is that it reduces the boilerplate code. The programmer won’t have to write lengthy and repetitive code while programming with Kotlin. There are several methods which reduce the length of the overall code by almost 205 thus speeding up the implementation process.
  • Easy and Simple – By far, Kotlin is one of the best programming languages for Android Application development as it is easy to learn. The organization has developed it the way that one can easily understand the code without having to practice it again and again. It is easy to create classes and write syntaxes with Kotlin as compared to Java.
  • Safer than Java – Designed in such a way, Kotlin prevents the common errors that occur in a code thus resulting in better implementation and lesser system failures. Writing a robust code is one of the most sought after reasons for choosing Kotlin for Android Application Development.
  • Reliable – Since Kotlin was strategically developed by JetBrains for use for their programming needs as well, it compels the parent company to develop it further. JetBrains is known to offer a lot of efforts in making it successful while offering the required alterations to make it better.

The demand for switching to Kotlin for the development process is seeing a surge like never before. Since Kotlin is 100% interoperable with Java, it is easy for the organizations to seamlessly transition to Kotlin for Android Application development. It is an efficient programming language and offers more productivity. Being an open-source project that has an extensive developer community for feedback and support, Kotlin is one of the best programming languages to choose when compared to Java.

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