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Why eCommerce Store needs to get a Mobile App

Why eCommerce Store needs to get a mobile app


Mobile apps have changed the way of marketing that allows various businesses and consumers to interact effectively. Let\’s say, a venture used to have to wait for customers to show up at their store (or website) and actively browse through their products. Mobile devices allow shoppers to connect with their favorite brands and companies at any time. Having an app allows the eCommerce store to be one click away from their customers. In this article why eCommerce stores need to get a mobile app.

Let\’s see some stats of mobile commerce. Mobile commerce is expected to total revenue of 284 billion dollars by the end of 2020. As the number of mobile shoppers climbs, the need for new, mobile-centric shopping experiences will grow right alongside it. Some stores have already found the tremendous benefits that come with creating a branded mobile app to enhance the shopping experience. It was found that customers spend 5x times longer on a mobile app than on a website. The lowest cart abandonment rates are found in apps. With features like push notification, it had a 200 percent more rate of opening. 

What are the advantages?


Customers love to see personalized content that caters to their needs. Hence, personalization is the key. When users create an app profile, they immediately alert you of some of these preferences, which makes personalization much more seamless and immediate. Consumers like to get the feeling of welcomed and remembered which makes them return and shop again or commit their full brand loyalty.

Push notification

When a customer downloads your mobile app, however, you can send push notifications and reminders directly to their device’s home screen. These can be an effective means of communicating with customers, particularly for sending them limited-time offers. According to studies, businesses were able to drive in 60% more revenue through aggressive push notification marketing.

Location-based services

Online stores can target notifications by providing the right call to action and value. For example, they could target notifications about holiday shipping cutoffs to customers by location, ensuring that shoppers who live furthest from your distribution center will get the message in time to place their orders before the cutoff date. 

For physical stores, a notification can be popped when the potential customers are near the vicinity of the store location.

Integrated payment gateway

Speedy Hassle-free interaction is what users want when it comes to buying products from the eCommerce store. The faster you can service a customer’s needs and get them through the checkout process and out the virtual doors of your eCommerce store, the more memorable the shopping experience is and the more likely they are going to want to shop again in the future. Mobile commerce apps are designed to accept all types of payments, including digital wallet options like Google pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo, Phonepe, BHIM, etc., which further streamline the checkout process on mobile.

Looking to create your eCommerce mobile app?

If you have reached reading till now, by now you would have understood how dedicated mobile apps help to increase your brand\’s reach as well as how it helps increase sales. Now the question is how to find the right app development company to build your mobile app. These were some of the reasons why eCommerce stores need a mobile app. Check about the company\’s credibility. We Boostmysites build the best mobile apps on both Android as well as iOS platforms. Here\’s a look at what we can do for you- https://boostmysites.com


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